Building a Better Future

Building a Better Future


In June 2007, the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce working with a countywide group of volunteer community leaders and public officials took a proactive approach to identify and address issues confronting Jefferson County. Luke Planning, Inc. was commissioned to facilitate this assessment process and the development of a comprehensive approach to address the findings. Almost 2000 county residents through community meetings, task force work, and steering committee action were involved. The outcome: a mandate for change called "Building a Better Future", a 20-year strategic action plan with a sound implementation process and clear benchmarks. Six key Foundations were designated to serve as a basis for developing strategies to achieve the goal of "Building a Better Future". The Foundations are:


Economic Development 

1. George Gantte, Chairman
2. Max Fultz
3. Marty Mills
4. Darrell Helton
5. Jay Moser, Vice Chairman
6. Mark Potts
7. Greg Williams
8. Don Cason
9. Garrett Wagley
10. Adele Sensing


1. John Cagle, Vice Chairman
2. Don Cason
3. Linda Clark
4. James Hodge, Chairman
5. Sarah Hodge
6. Peggy Hypes
7. Susie Jarnagin
8. Robbie Pinkerton
9. Ruth Pohlman
10. Ernie Walker
11. Scott Walker
12. Nancy Weber


1. Mitch Cain
2. Catherine Faber
3. Zane Foraker
4. Susan Karr
5. Shannon Miller
6. Gayle Paige
7. Axel Ringe

State of the Environment 2011 (pdf)

State of the Environment 2010 (pdf)

State of the Environment 2009 (pdf)


1. Marla Black
2. Tana Benson
3. Jim Hutchins
4. Penny Murphy
5. Marge Stefaniak


1. Terry Dockery
2. Robert Jacks
3. David Nester, Chairman
4. Axel Ringe
5. Garrett Wagley
6. Pat Whaley
7. Stanley Wilder

Quality of Life

1. Jim Hutchins
2. Rae Hutchins
3. Donna Koester
4. Jeremy Lawson
5. Cynthia Lynn
6. Barbara Shelton
7. Deborah Schultz
8. Shelia Wiggins
9. Carol Wolfenbarger, Chairman
10. Eva Zirkle
11. John Zirkle

Strategic Action Plan

Progress Report 2015
Progress Report 2014

Progress Report 2013

Progress Report 2012

Growth Readiness Report