Bush Brothers & Company has become one of the most well-known success stories in the history of Jefferson County business. What began as a small local cannery has grown into a nationally recognized brand and household name. Despite their tremendous growth and success, Bush Brothers & Company is still a family-owned company that holds true to the same core values—Integrity, Trust, Caring, and Responsibility.

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Bush Brothers & Company — Over 100 Years of History

Bush Brothers & Company was founded by A.J. Bush in Chestnut Hill in 1908. The company began as a tomato cannery, then added additional fruits and vegetables to its product line as the demand for canned foods rose. All the canned fruits and vegetables they sold were grown, harvested, and canned locally. The company was able to continue to grow and improve its processes throughout World War I because of the development of new canning technologies. However, the tomato market crashed at the end of the war, almost forcing the company to shut down. It was able to recover, though, and incorporated in 1922. When the Great Depression hit, inexpensive canned foods were integral in helping struggling families stay fed, which helped Bush Brothers & Company stay in business. Production increased further during World War II to keep up with the war effort, and the company continued to add new product lines.

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It wasn’t until 1969 that Bush Brothers & Company came out with their now-famous Bush’s Baked Beans based on a secret family recipe. The new product quickly gained popularity, inspiring the company to add more “table-ready” products. Of all the products the company has created over the years, Bush’s Baked Beans have proven to be the biggest success. Bush Brothers & Company then decided to shift its main focus to beans and went on to introduce additional flavors of Bush’s Baked Beans, such as Homestyle, Vegetarian, and Barbecue. By the mid-1990s, Bush Brothers & Company had transformed from a regional cannery to a nationally recognized brand.

The Future of Bush Brothers & Co

Bush Brothers & Company has had a long history with a foundation in family values. The company is still family owned, now in its fourth generation of family leadership. Today, the company also continues to uphold the same core values of Integrity, Trust, Caring, and Responsibility. These values are evident in every aspect of the company, from top-level management to customer service to community outreach.

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Bush Brothers & Company continues to grow with new innovations and the introduction of new products and flavors. While sticking to tradition, the company also makes adjustments as needed to keep up with the times. Some of these adjustments have included building a social media presence and opening Bush’s Visitor Center so that they can interact with customers on a more personal level. Bush Brothers & Company is always striving toward its mission “to provide nothing but the best to homes and tables nationwide,” and it is this dedication that will help them remain successful into the future.

Bush Brothers & Co and the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce

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Bush Brothers & Company is an Executive Partner of the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce. The company has been a chamber member for 30 years because membership provides an opportunity to support the local community and local businesses. Through the Jefferson County Chamber, Bush Brothers & Company has developed partnerships with local vendors and works with them to help support the local economy. According to the company, local companies helping other local companies benefits everyone because this practice keeps jobs in the area and helps the economy flourish.

As an Executive Partner of the Jefferson County Chamber, Bush Brothers & Company supports and sponsors a number of Chamber events throughout the year. The company has sponsored the Chamber’s Annual Meeting, golf tournaments, fishing tournaments, and more. They also participate in other events as well to support the local community, such as festivals and events like the Jefferson County Sampler. Bush Brothers & Company believes in doing whatever they can to support the community and encourage the growth of local businesses and the local economy, and part of how they do this is through their chamber membership.

Join the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce

Jefferson County, TN, is teeming with successful local businesses. One of the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce’s main goals is to help local businesses grow and reach their goals. The Chamber also connects local businesses with one another so that they can build partnerships and support one another. Chamber members are invited to networking events, educational seminars, and other opportunities to learn and to connect with other members. Valuable business resources, advertising options, and a number of other perks also come with chamber membership. As a chamber member, you will be able to support the local community and in turn receive the support of the Chamber.

If you would like to help our beautiful county grow while also receiving the many benefits of chamber membership, join the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce today. You can learn more about what it means to be a member online or by giving us a call at 865-397-9642.