Owning a business can be a lonely place.

You’ve taken the type of risk many can’t or don’t want to take. Taking on the risk of your business succeeding or failing, doing everything yourself from bookkeeping to advertising, and working long hours because the work has to get done can be exhausting without a community advocate on your side.

The Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce was created with you in mind. We understand your struggles and frustrations because we understand what it means to be a local business owner. Our resources are designed to help you succeed, and we want Jefferson County small business owners to join us as we work to strengthen our community.

If you’re still not sure joining the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce is right for you, check out this list explaining all the benefits of membership.

What is a chamber of commerce?

A chamber of commerce is simply a group of businesses that have organized to promote business growth on a community or regional level. Chambers of commerce have existed in this country since before it even was a country, dating all the way back to 1768 in the then colony of New York.

In Jefferson County, our chamber serves the interest of businesses in each of our five municipalities within the county: Baneberry, Dandridge, Jefferson City, New Market, and White Pine.

– Increased visibility

Even if you have the greatest product in your industry, if customers don’t know about your business, your business is going to struggle. A membership with the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce automatically puts you in front of dozens of business owners with even more connections who may be waiting for a business like yours to come around.

– Credibility around the community

Sadly, there are plenty of illegitimate businesses around the world. Especially in the digital age, your customers are constantly being barraged with ads and messaging from companies who aren’t whom they portray themselves to be. This continually leaves your potential clients cynical, not trusting, and hyper-vigilant against being taken advantage of.

A membership with the chamber, however, addresses that head-on. Rather than fight for your legitimacy, a membership with the chamber establishes you as a company that’s ready to do credible business and great work. Let your community know your business is ready to be taken seriously and be considered as a viable player in your industry.

– Free Materials

From the beginning of our partnership with you as a valued business owner, we want to get you off to a great start with some of our free resources. As a Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce member, you’ll receive access to a digital directory, a printed directory of all Jefferson County Chamber members, free membership mailing labels, and may have up to 50 of your rack cards displayed at the chamber office.

– Marketing

Let’s get the word out about your business! You’ll receive free advertising through Chamber Connect (a monthly e-newsletter sent out to our members), a ribbon-cutting ceremony at your office/place of business with invites to the Chamber Board of Directors, Chamber members, city and county officials and the local media, and be included in information packets sent to visitors and newcomers to the area each year.

– Advocacy

We feel passionate about our members succeeding, and we exist because we believe increased business helps the business community in Jefferson County as a whole. That’s why we take actions like creating ad campaigns that aggressively market to increase local & visitors’ dollars spent at local establishments and highlight available properties, existing business resources, and county business information on our website.

– Networking

Do you find yourself searching Google for “networking events near me”? So much of our success comes from creating a community that’s growing together and building each other up. Throughout the year, we hold regular member events like membership breakfasts and business-after-hours that highlight a host business. These events provide valuable networking opportunities with other members, local government officials, and potential clients. We also hold annual events like the Chamber Golf Classic, Farm to Table, and our Jefferson County Sampler.

– Professional Development

Ready to get better at running your business? The Jefferson County Chamber regularly holds learning opportunities, business topic luncheons, and seminars to help you and your employees be better informed so you can run an even better business.

– Resources

It really is a community mindset that makes this work for us. We succeed when we all succeed. That’s why Jefferson County Chamber members have access to agencies assisting businesses looking to get established and expand or improve, as well as opportunities to attend educational & informative seminars on important and difference-making topics.

– Increased referrals

We all know how important referrals are to small businesses. That’s why we emphasize the importance of referrals to our members and exclusively refer chamber members to thousands of locals and visitors to the lakeside of the Smokies each year.

You’ll also have exposure to more than 70,000 annual page views on the Jefferson County Chamber website.

Join the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce

Our Chamber members share the collective focus of making Jefferson County an incredible place to live, work, play, and do business while holding onto our strong history and culture. The Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce is here to provide opportunities and resources that empower community business owners to expand, flourish, and grow. Our members enjoy benefits like networking opportunities, business referrals, advertising options, educational opportunities, and small business resources.

If you have a business in Jefferson County and successful business growth is your goal, we’re here to help. Don’t waste time searching the internet for “networking events near me”. Become a member of the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce today to start taking advantage of all the benefits we have to offer. To find out more about how to join or to learn about how we can be a difference-maker for your small business, contact us online or by calling 865-397-9642.