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What is the importance of the Chamber to our community and why it is important for businesses and individuals to be members of the Chamber?

I have been a small business owner, and I always looked at our membership as an investment in the community as well as a direct benefit for my business. But there are “indirect benefits” as well. The Chamber promotes and sponsors so many events which improve the quality of life for many Jefferson County citizens. It is one organization that is out there trying to grow the community and provide more services for the people, therefore giving businesses more customers to hopefully increase their business. I will also say that if we are not growing, we are backing up. One of our goals is to maintain our current level of business customers by not losing companies, businesses and residents. So the investment that a business makes with the chamber is not only to hopefully increase their business but to maintain their current customer base. This “partnership” between our members and the chamber is vitally important to our community, and we greatly appreciate their support and we pledge to work hard on your behalf.

Darrell Helton

Planning Your Valentine’s Day in Jefferson County, TN

Planning Your Valentine’s Day in Jefferson County, TN

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Why Join a Chamber of Commerce in 2020?

Why Join a Chamber of Commerce in 2020?

The most common question we receive here at the Jefferson County Chamber is, “Why should my business join the Chamber of Commerce?” This question is commonly coupled with, “Is it worth joining the Chamber of Commerce in 2020, with the abundance of online networking...

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