For those waiting for the end of 2020, congratulations! You and your small business have officially survived one of the craziest, hardest, and most chaotic years in American history. While we’re not out of the woods yet, there does seem to be a reason for optimism that 2021 could be a big year for you and your business.

So, while you’re ringing in the new year, now is the perfect time to get started making a plan to grow your business in 2021. There are so many ways you can get ahead of your competitors and have a head start connecting with customers, setting and reaching goals, and making a difference for the people of Jefferson County and beyond.

Here are eight tips to get you started growing your small business in 2021.

  1. Focus on what you can do

You’ve spent the last few months hearing what you can’t do because of the pandemic. So, let’s focus on what you can do to make sure you’re ahead of the growth we’ll hopefully see in 2021. For example, restaurants transitioned to delivery and outdoor spaces when indoor dining became unsafe.

Whether or not there is a worldwide pandemic, having this type of mindset can make a huge difference for growth no matter what type of industry you work in. You can transition to more online options, reprioritize customer service and experience, and continue deepening your relationships within the community. After defining what you can do, then you’ll be able to create strategic plans that move your business forward.

  1. Use the time to make improvements

After a year of upheaval and uncertainty, 2021 can be a blank canvas for your business or your industry as a whole. Consider those improvements you’ve been putting off but you know you need. Maybe it’s converting your operations to digital, or modernizing your files. Maybe it’s investing in some remodeling or better landscaping around your office or retail store. No matter what it is, now could be the time to make those changes and improve your business.

  1. Investigate remote work options

Many of us are all too familiar with online meetings and working from home now. But while this may not always be a perfect work environment, remote work will likely be one of the defining trends of the next generation and could be worth exploring as an option for your team as you grow.

Some businesses don’t have this option. But for those that do, take some time to research ways remote work could make your business work more efficiently.

  1. Set realistic financial goals

You’ve heard the phrase, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” Setting goals works the same way. If you don’t know where you want your business to grow, then you’ll move forward without an intention or purpose.

With strategically planned financial goals, you’ll be more empowered to grow the business you want and reach destinations that are more in line with your values and priorities.

  1. Migrate your busywork to automated solutions

Busywork is a mental and emotional drain. Stop letting these points on your to-do list clutter your work life and keep you from what you love about your business in the first place. Allow the software and tools we have available now to do some of this work for you.

For example, update your accounting software to take care of things like financial reports. Rather than spend hours calculating these reports by hand, you can review your documents and ask yourself broader, more important questions about how your business is growing.

  1. Focus on ROI in marketing efforts

Sometimes, marketing can feel like throwing money into a bottomless pit. That’s why it’s so important to have a way to measure the impact of different marketing efforts to identify which campaigns are working.

The new year is a great time to take a step back and identify which areas of your marketing are providing the greatest ROI and which ones you can change or eliminate. Instead of having a “let’s throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” mindset, use what you know about your customer base to find the spaces where they spend the most time and maximize your marketing dollars.

  1. Connect with a mentor

You’ve don’t have to be a young entrepreneur to benefit from a mentor’s insight. Connecting with someone in your industry, even if they are younger or if you’ve been in the industry longer, can open your eyes to opportunities you might have missed or provide a different perspective.

  1. Make customer service a priority

For small businesses across the country, customer loyalty has shown up in a big way during the pandemic. As a small business owner, you must prioritize customer service and find ways to build a relationship with your customers. Not only will you build loyalty when and if another disaster hits, but you create brand evangelists who will tell their family and friends about the great experiences they’ve had working with your company.


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